Twitter Matters (and Facebook Too)

In the face of Charlottesville events, and of every new death over ideologies around the world, decent human beings hurt. And many of us turn to social media as a way to express that pain. Sometimes such expression is criticized as pointless. (Sometimes social media itself is dismissed as pointless. more »


It was not the season for tourism. We arrived in Paris by overnight train from Barcelona, entering the City of Lights via the shabby Gare de Paris-Austerlitz. Mounds of pigeon feathers lined the halls like drifts of gray snow burying stained paper cups and sandwich wrappers. My companion was ill, more »


I’m startled to awake—at my gray age,
and listless from the labors of my years—
unsettled by a dream, in youthful tears
for an old love, the one who slipped away,
while she who sleeps beside me holds me here
in solace of the history we share.

Sleep deeply, Eve. I’ll marvel while I may
the grip of ardent passion I had feared
forgotten. And imagine (if I dare),
that somewhere, Lilith also lies awake.

—Lester Smith

The Future of Popcorn Press

Let me start by saying that Popcorn Press is basically me, with graphic design work by my second daughter. The mission of our little publishing house has been to publish works larger publishers wouldn’t risk. Toward that end, we’ve been proud to release novels and poetry collections by individual authors, more »