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    CardScan Executive, an Amazing Little Business-Card Scanner

    By Lester | February 17, 2009


    CardScan's premier product. Faster, more advanced scanning and contact management for high-volume, high-impact users. Full-color scanning, and fully upgradeable.

    A Perfect Solution!

    Polyhedras Burlington, WI 2/17/2009


    5 5

    Pros: Scans Accurately, Good Resolution, Easy To Use, Scans Quickly, Exports to Excel, Synchs with PDAs, Easy To Transport, Worth More than It Costs, Great Management Software, Surprising Features

    Cons: Can’t think of any con

    Best Uses: Improving Productivity, Office, Trade Shows, Personal Use

    Describe Yourself: Tech Savvy

    We collect business cards at training expositions, for return calls to potential clients. Before we acquired the CardScan device, our receptionist spent days entering the names and addresses into our data management system. With CardScan, we can do the same work in just hours, and an image of the card is saved right with each entry. This is an amazing little device.


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