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    Lester Smith is a 2-term past president of the WFOP, a 4-time Origins-winning game designer, and a former JavaScript teacher for the HWG. Recently retired from work as a Writer/Technologist in educational publishing, he now devotes himself to publishing poets, fiction, and games via Popcorn Press.

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    Disingenuous Ebook Prices, or “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

    By Lester | May 20, 2009

    I have always been an avid reader. I read a lot. More and more, I prefer to read in ebook format, for the convenience.

    For ten years, I’ve been irritated about the ham-handedness of big publishers who insist on high prices for an etext that cannot be loaned or sold as a print book can. (Sometimes they’ve even tried charging more for an etext as an early release strategy.)

    Happily, this inequity/iniquity is finally finding a growing voice as the ebook audience grows. Kassia Krozser explains the issue very well in Monday’s “Ebooks, Prices, Consumers, Choices. Again.” entry at Booksquare.com.

    (Also happily, this is still a great time for small publishers to build a fan base in epublishing before the big boys figure out what the hell they’re doing. Time to get a few more things published at Popcorn Press!)

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