Cyborg Cow Adventures Revisited

cyborgcowBack in the early 90’s, while working at Game Designers’ Workshop, I wrote a couple of cow-oriented Ghostbusters role-playing game articles for Challenge Magazine.

A fan of the game recently asked if I had copies, and while cleaning the garage this weekend I came across my GDW boxes, scanned the articles, and Zipped them for easy download: “Attack of the Ice-Age Cyborg Kamikaze Holsteins” and “Apocalypse Cow (or Close Encownters of the Third Kine).”

You don’t have to be familiar with the Ghostbusters RPG to enjoy the articles, but you do need a high tolerance for punning.



  1. “Skim milk.” That’s pretty good, Mag. :-)

    Re “goofy things we did together,” if it hadn’t been for someone specifically mentioning those articles, and telling me exactly which issues they were in, I’d probably not have gotten to them yet.

    Which is to say, maybe there’s something goofy in there you and I did together, but that time capsule will have to wait for my next breather—which, unfortunately, won’t be anytime soon. Sorry. :-(

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