Yes, I’m a Kindle Shill

Saw this video on Had to share it here. —Les


  1. For the $360 price difference (basic Kindle v. basic iPad), she could have the Kindle, buy TWO refurbished iTouches, give one to a friend, and use them to WIFI Skype a dinner meeting to be paid for with the leftover $60.

  2. But can the bikini-clad woman use her Bluetooth headset to make Skype-based phone calls over Wi-Fi with her Kindle?

    Couldn’t resist, after years of “dancing clown” jabs.

    However, my friend Jeremy has both. His mom bought him a Kindle for his birthday and then he scored an iPad through all the money he made with a iPhone app he wrote. So far the winner is his iPad since the Kindle is a Unitasker.

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