The dark arts of ‘Vampyr Verse’

Front cover for the Vampyr Verse collectionSarah Busse (co-editor of Verse Wisconsin, with Wendy Vardaman) recently wrote a much-appreciated feature about Vampyr Verse—also mentioning The Hungry Dead. You can find her article, “The dark arts of ‘Vampyr Verse’,” on the Wisconsin State Journal Web site. I believe it is also slated to be in the Saturday printing of that newspaper.


  1. Lester,
    Just a few lines to let you know how much I appreciated the article about the guy who stole 2 million dollars, spent it on the lottery and didn’t win a thing. It speaks volumes about the “luck of the draw”. Or as someone once said; The lottery is a tax on morons. How true. Keep up the good work. I always check your site.

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