Some Decades Ago, in a Galaxy Some Distance Away . . .

…I was contracted by a company I cannot name, to design a collectible Star Wars dice game. The plan was to use a groundbreaking (at the time) “photocube” technology to make dice with stills from the films. Here’s an example:

Star Wars Photo Dice
[Click the image group for a larger, slightly less blurry view.]

I bought a cheap suit, and the company flew me out to Skywalker Ranch to help present the game. The meeting lasted just long enough for the Skywalker folks to tell my contractors, “We’re disappointed in the numbers for your Star Wars magazine, so we’re pulling your license.”

I didn’t get to even break out the game (a nifty little cooperative design where character photo dice used equipment photo dice to save 12-sided planets from the Dark Side).

What I did get was a tour of Skywalker Ranch, this one keepsake die, and a little insight into the world of licensing among entertainment power players.



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