Pharmacology Roulette

Pharmacology Roulette logoMy friend Jamie Chambers and his family have been going through a rough time, specifically with his teenaged daughter Liz’s cancer battle. So when Jamie asked me to join in the #fun4liz project, I immediately said “Yes!”

It took awhile to keep that promise, but recently I gave him the rules for Pharmacology ℞oulette, a crazy little dice game that fits on a business card and uses pretty much all the polyhedral dice you have in your home. Seriously, you’ll need a pile, especially if you have four or more players. It’s a “beer and pretzels” game with a twisted sense of humor. Jamie says Liz thinks the game’s drug side effects are a hoot.

Click the linked title or picture in this post, or type into your browser bar, to get a copy of your own. Proceeds go to Liz’s recovery expenses. Besides the physical copy, you’ll get a PDF you can download immediately to start playing.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the other offerings, like my buddy Steve Sullivan’s Escape from “Manos” Hands of Fate adventure. MST3k fans will know immediately what that’s all about. :-)

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  1. svzurich

    Thank you, Lester. I discovered the Chambers family yesterday through seeing a post of yours announcing this game. Before the night was done, I had ordered Metamorphosis Alpha 5E, every single game made for Liz, the cards made for her, and one of the door hangers. May Liz beat her illness and outlive us all. I regret not going to DragonCon this year, for if I had, I could give them my support directly in person.


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