Gloom – 1st Edition

Price: $15.00 (includes US shipping*) 1 copy available.

In this innovative “transparent plastic cards” game, 2-4 players compete to prove their chosen family is the most miserable. Perhaps your “Cousin Mordecai” (the “Red-Headed Stepchild”) was “Ruined by Rum,” or “Jinxed by Gypsies,” and “Died Old and Alone,” gaining you lots of victory points. Or maybe instead he was “Wonderfully Well Wed” at the instigation of another player, giving him unwelcome happy points.

The game consists of 110 transparent plastic cards, allowing bonuses to be covered or revealed with each play. That’s 20 individual characters, 58 modifiers, 12 events, and 20 “Untimely Deaths.” (The box also includes a rules sheet, of course.)

The box shows minor corner wear (typical for multiple plays), but overall the game is in extremely good condition.

*Contact me for shipping outside the U.S.

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