Adventures in Brain Meds

About a decade ago, I went through a year of testing to figure out why I was perpetually dizzy and fuzzy-headed. I hear what you’re thinking. But no, it’s not Meniere’s disease. No vertigo and nausea, just unbalanced and sort of “cloudy” all the time. Turns out there were two more »

If you can’t say something nice . . .

Google search for “Facebook happy fake,” and you’ll find scads of articles, images, and ecards claiming that people posting happy things are liars. Might I suggest instead a search for “fox and grapes”? The point is, as we experiment with this Internet thing and social media, as we evolve into more »

About Must and About Must Go

I’ve had a rough few weeks. First were the burning hives that kept me awake night after night. Then came the steroid sickness from treating those hives. “Maddening” doesn’t quite capture the experience. Hell, I’ve had a rough couple of years: giving up my old job; moving my household to more »

Goofus and Gallant Take a Bullet

During the drive-by shooting, Gallant was saved by his pocket New Testament. It stopped the bullet that would have pierced his heart. Goofus also had a pocket New Testament, but he caught a bullet in the eye. Be like Gallant.