Creatures & Cards!

[These rules came to me in a dream one night. A bit of family playtesting, and here they are for you!] A fighter, a wizard, a priest, and a thief walk into a dungeon. The dragon says, “”Sounds like a party!” This game uses a standard poker deck to represent 2-4 more »

Fashionably Late

I’ve been role-playing for ages now—pretty much from “the beginning“—and gamemastering for nearly as long, besides reviewing, designing, and publishing RPGs. I’ve played thousands of sessions, hundreds of different game titles, with hundreds of different people—and still discover some delightful new nuance of role-playing from time to time. The most more »

Upcoming Convention Events

Convention plans are beginning to fall into place. Watch the bottom of the right sidebar for a growing list of convention attendances. Besides lots of D6xD6 RPG events, I’ll be running some card games—including a regular Clashing Blades! tournament in which you could win a deck, or even take the more »

D6xD6 RPG Kickstarter Dice Ordered

Popcorn Press made lots of progress on the D6xD6 RPG project over the weekend. The Dragon Dice setting was completed, the Blood Type setting nearly so, several authors’ drafts arrived, final contracts were sent, backers receiving online playtest sessions were contacted, and we ordered backer dice—including the Kickstarter-exclusive dice above, more »