A Quick Favor

Could you do me (and yourself) a quick favor? Currently there’s a single rating of three stars for Wolf Man’s Curse at DriveThruCards. No comments; no review; just the rating. What I’m asking is that you visit the Popcorn Press page at DriveThruCards, download the FREE PDF, give it a more »

Arriving – Clashing Blades!

Clashing Blades! decks have begun landing on Kickstarter backers’ doorsteps. Ken Whitman supplied the photo above of his decks. (Thanks, Ken!) Note the Kickstarter-exclusive illustration on the upper left deck. The game is now for sale on DriveThruCards.com, where you can also find a FREE PDF version. Just visit DriveThruCards more »

Wolf-Man’s Curse

Wolf-Man’s Curse is a card game for 3 to 8 players using a standard poker deck. Each player takes the role of someone bitten by a werewolf, and who transforms into a bloodthirsty beast at each full moon. The goal of the game is to Avoid being killed by the more »

Invasion of the Saucer People! Game

A pulp-era poker-deck game of cooperation against alien attack, for 2-4 players. In space, everything’s in black and white. It’s the year 2000, and mankind has spread from Earth, with thriving colonies on Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The Terran Service Rockets (TSR) carry passengers and cargo among these planets. Those more »