Fashionably Late

I’ve been role-playing for ages now—pretty much from “the beginning“—and gamemastering for nearly as long, besides reviewing, designing, and publishing RPGs. I’ve played thousands of sessions, hundreds of different game titles, with hundreds of different people—and still discover some delightful new nuance of role-playing from time to time. The most more »

A Gary Con Aquelarre

As you may know, I’m currently translating the Spanish role-playing game Aquelarre to English for Stewart Wieck’s Nocturnal Media. (You can preorder here.) The Spanish word aquelarre means “a meeting of witches and warlocks.” I met with some players at Gary Con this year to try out “The Tale of more »

Going Like Sixty

So I should be catching 40 winks. Which apparently is the old number for “a lot”: 40 days and 40 nights; 40 years in the desert; Ali Baba and the 40 thieves—though only 30 pieces of silver (Judas got cheated). Instead, I woke at about 40 minutes past one, and more »

No. Seriously. Read This.

One serendipitous benefit of creating the D6xD6 RPG has been sharing some truly great novels by other writers. Promoting them is a win-win-win situation: You, as reader, get pointed to great fiction (often free), vetted by a fairly picky guy with a long history in publishing. The authors get some more »