Powerhouses of Wrestling! Dice Game

NOTE: A super-powers adaptation of this game, with unique effects for each super power, is currently in development for publication by SFR, Inc. Watch this blog and the SFR, Inc. site for more details. Or take part in the demos at Gen Con 2014! A pro wrestler dice game for more »

MonsterCon! Game

A poker-card game of monstrous competition for 2-4 players. Desiré Delamort, star of this year’s blockbuster alien-invasion film, is guest of honor at MonsterCon*. What she doesn’t know is that she’s also the Vampire’s intended bride, the Mummy’s reincarnated love, the Werewolf’s destined mate, and the key to restoring the more »

Clashing Blades! Game

Note: Now available as an illustrated deck at Popcorn Press and DriveThruCards. Dedication: To Candy, for loving the game and playing it so fiendishly. The Clashing Blades! game uses a standard set of poker cards to represent the fast and furious cut and parry of a duel with swords between more »