Glitter Ball

I live next door to two toddling granddaughters. It should come as no surprise that their house and ours, and everything inside, are dusted with glitter. That got me thinking about where glitter must come from. Are there glitter factories? Can you imagine an explosion in a glitter factory? Or more »

Yes, Honey

Out of respect for my “Belgian” daughter, who first lured me into veganism, I’ve held off eating honey until I’d had time to mull the issue.   Today I decided. I will eat foods containing honey. I have two reasons. First, I just don’t care that much about the lives more »

“Rain and Roses”

I’ve been debating whether to post this. Sometimes we all have to keep secrets, if only out of kindness, so as not to be a burden. But sometimes, the kindest thing is to share our human frailty. I’ve made no secret of my migraine/seizure disorder. It’s a difficult condition to more »

How to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck

Serious suggestion: Pledge a buck to How to Write Adventure Modules that Don’t Suck, and get a daily email with an added essay—each from a different author in the group. That alone is worth a dollar! James M. Ward has done a marvelous job of developing the book, and Joseph more »