To Gygax

I had thought this sonnet lost! But I found it yesterday, while sorting through some old boxes of games and memorabilia, and I don’t think I’ve shared it publicly before. I wrote it for Gary Gygax after having worked with him on the Dangerous Journeys role-playing game. Like countless hobby more »

My Vision of Hell – Level 4

Chapter XLVIII (from The Pastime Machine, a novel in sonnets) “And now the air took on a barnyard odor; our raft passed through a realm peopled by scarabs with human faces—whites, blacks, Asians, Arabs— each one rolling his own ball of ordure. “Tiresias told me, ‘These are souls of bankers, more »

State of the Smithy

A year ago, I had an audacious plan: Finish translating Aquelarre, write a sonnet weekly for The Pastime Machine, release a monthly 6-page D6xD6 RPG expansion, publish another poet or author monthly, launch a D13 RPG Kickstarter this fall, manage an annual Halloween anthology, attend a half-dozen conventions, and possibly more »