For My Birthday

For my birthday, God gave me a cake. He frosted it with filigrees of color from countless vermilion sunsets shining on sapphire seas and ochroid sands. Inside, a feast of worms. He set it on a plate decorated with images of doves and dying children. “Make a wish,” He said, more »


If the sun were a bowling ball, I have read, the earth would be a peppercorn somewhere down the hill across the street. If the earth were a bowling ball, someone said, its face were smoother still, ocean deeps and mountain heights signifying nothing. How then should I cross that more »


I paid good money to play Tic Tac Toe with a caged chicken. I dropped my coin in the slot and marked my X. The chicken picked its O. X O X O X—a draw; I tried again. X O X O X O X—again a draw; I dropped another more »