How Poets Measure Stress

This week in “The Pastime Machine,” chapter XIV force-feeds more Poetic Edda structure (Icelandic oral poetry of Norse mythology) to traditional sonnet form. The result is intentionally jarring—a matter of competing “feet” and “stress,” what poets call “measure.” (Hence the post title here.) You may remember from high school English more »

Three New Poetry Titles!

From Utah, New Zealand, and Scotland, we’ve recently added three new poetry collections at Popcorn Press! Reclamation, from Brock Dethier (head of the composition program at Utah State University), is an honest examination of adult repercussions of a childhood trauma, ultimately finding moments of contentment, and even joy. Chemical Letters, more »

Sonnet Structure & The Pastime Machine

“Gears” by William Warby is licensed under CC BY 2.0 and has been color edited. As you may be aware, I’m building The Pastime Machine, an irreverent novel in sonnets, at a pace of one sonnet a week. I’d like to bend your ear for a moment about structural choices more »