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    Why buy flowers that fade?
    A sonnet lasts forever!
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    Lester Smith is a 2-term past president of the WFOP, a 4-time Origins-winning game designer, and a former JavaScript teacher for the HWG. He works days as a Writer/Technologist for the educational publishing house Sebranek Inc, nights and weekends as president of Popcorn Press.

  • Suggested Reading

    Final Failure: Eyeball to Eyeball
    Cthulhu Haiku II and More Mythos Madness - cover

    Grim Series: poems
    edge of the pond
  • D13 RPG is coming!

  • D6xD6 RPG

    Role-play in your favorite authors' worlds!

  • Fencing Poker Deck

  • Other Card Games…

    Monster Con card game
    Invasion of the Saucer People card game
    Wolf Man's Curse card game
  • Undying Games

    Dark Conspiracy roleplaying game
    now by 3Hombres
    Dragon Dice game
    now by SFR Inc.
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    A pair of old six-sided diceIn the fall of 1984, during a layoff from General Electric, I sold a “capsule review” to Space Gamer magazine. A month later they accepted my “Mind Duel” board game. Within a year, I was working full-time as a designer and editor for GDW, then TSR, with a bit of freelance for FASA, West End, and Flying Buffalo. While I now work days in educational publishing, the game-design bug continues to bite.
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    My GameHoleCon Schedule

    Lester : September 13, 2014 1:07 pm : Announcements, Game Design, Popcorn Press
    GameHole Con logo

    Although it’s not till November 7th to 9th, I’ve been asked by some folks to list my GameHoleCon events. Badge and event registration are happening now, and a few of these events are already nearly filled, so grab ’em while they’re hot!

    • Fri Slot 1, 08:00 AM
      Special Event! D6xD6 CORE RPG/Dragon Dice Crossover Dungeon Crawl (4 hrs)

      In 1995, Lester Smith’s Dragon Dice won an Origins Award for Best Fantasy or Science-Fiction Board Game. Its fans created SFR, Inc., to keep the game in publication after TSR’s demise. This year, Popcorn Press is releasing Les’s D6xD6 RPG, and the world of Dragon Dice is officially one of the settings. Come play with the designer in this crossover event and walk away with a special D6xD6.com promo die and business card character sheet!

    • Fri Slot 6, 06:00 PM
      Clashing Blades Card Game Tournament (4 hrs)

      Learn to swordfight with a specially designed poker deck by Lester Smith. Then square off against opponents in a standard one-on-one tournament. Each first-round winner will keep a deck. The tournament winner will also receive a standing trophy.

    • Sat Slot 1, 08:00 AM
      Special Event! D6xD6 CORE RPG B-Movie Madness (4 hrs)

      Can your B-movie actor keep a career alive in “A time when men were men, women were women, and monsters were rubber!?” Play with D6xD6 RPG designer Lester Smith in this campaign setting by Bradley K. McDevitt of It Came from the Late, Late, Late Show fame and walk away with a special D6xD6.com promo die and business card character sheet!

    • Sat Slot 5, 04:00 PM
      Special Event! SuperPower SmackDown Dice Game (2 hrs)

      When costumed heroes first meet, they almost always brawl. Lester Smith’s new pub-style dice game lets you choose one of five classic hero types and do battle with an opponent. Come talk some smack and show just why your hero is the best.

    • Sun Slot 1, 08:00 AM
      The Mother of all Monster Cons, Monster Con! Card Game (4 hrs)

      In this card game event, up to 16 classic monsters enter the Monster Con convention; only one leaves with the girl. Will that lucky monster be you? Players will each keep the monster suit they play; one lucky player (at random) will also receive a full deck.

    It’s also my plan to attend the following events featuring Douglas Niles:

    • Fri Slot 3, 12:00 PM
      Special Event! Altering History: A Seminar by Douglas Niles (2 hrs)

      The author of Final Failure: Eyeball to Eyeball, an alternate history novel about the Cuban Missile Crisis, will discuss the concept of speculative fiction with a philosophy based on Isaac Asimov’s seminal time travel novel The End of Eternity. Niles will also outline alternate history strategies used by Harry Turtledove – Dean Koontz, and some of the WW2 stories that Niles co-wrote with Michael Dobson.

    • Fri Slot 5, 04:00 PM
      Watershed RPG Scenario (4 hrs), D6xD6 RPG Rules

      Douglas Niles, the author of the epic fantasy The Watershed Trilogy will introduce a role-playing scenario based in that unique realm. This will be the premiere appearance of this setting in a role-playing format.

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    Eerie X Gen Con Interviews Pt. II

    Lester : September 5, 2014 10:25 am : Announcements, Game Design, Popcorn Press
    Eerie X podcast icon

    The Eerie X podcasters have now posted part 2 of their “Gen Con Extravaganza.” This one includes:

    Yep, 200 episodes!

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    Andy Hopp Surprises Me . . .

    Lester : August 19, 2014 9:50 am : Game Design, Review
    Low Life

    Last year at Con on the Cob, on a whim, I sat down to play Andy Hopp’s Low Life role-playing game—with Andy as game master. Here’s a confession: As much as I’ve been amused reading the unfolding setting over the years, I didn’t really imagine it was role-play-able. Like HoL, it struck my relatively structured brain as too chaotic and—well—weird to probably hold up in play.

    Boy was I wrong. more »

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