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    Why buy flowers that fade?
    A sonnet lasts forever!
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    Lester Smith is a 2-term past president of the WFOP, a 4-time Origins-winning game designer, and a former JavaScript teacher for the HWG. He works days as a Writer/Technologist for the educational publishing house Sebranek Inc, nights and weekends as president of Popcorn Press.

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    Dark Conspiracy roleplaying game
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    Dragon Dice game
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    A pair of old six-sided diceIn the fall of 1984, during a layoff from General Electric, I sold a “capsule review” to Space Gamer magazine. A month later they accepted my “Mind Duel” board game. Within a year, I was working full-time as a designer and editor for GDW, then TSR, with a bit of freelance for FASA, West End, and Flying Buffalo. While I now work days in educational publishing, the game-design bug continues to bite.
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    Short Interview at Gary Con 2012

    Lester : January 6, 2015 10:37 am : Announcements, Game Design, Popcorn Press

    This short video, shot at Gary Con 2012, is part of a series by d20 Entertainment. Check out the whole set to see James M. Ward, Larry Elmore, and Harold Johnson, with more yet to come!

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    Lady of Pain

    Lester : November 27, 2014 12:24 am : Game Design, Poetry
    Spellfire: Weasel Attack

    Lady of Pain
    (for Adam White)

    “You guys are jerks,” Steve says. A dawning haze

    of horror fills his eyes. I lay more cards. He’s

    still. I raise his champion to highs

    he never dreamed, then steal it, turn it, hose

    his few remaining troops. Ken laughs, says, “Who’s

    your daddy?” fans his hand, leans back, and weighs

    his options. Steven says, “You’ve made a weasel

    game out of my baby!” Ken cracks wise,

    replies, “She never loved you. And your woes

    have just begun,” then spanks him till he’s woozy.

    —Lester Smith

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    GameHoleCon Prereg Ends 10/15!

    Lester : October 13, 2014 2:33 pm : Announcements, Game Design

    My GameHoleCon badge

    Join me, Jolly Blackburn, Jeff Butler, Bill Cavalier, Stephen Chenault, Chris Clark, Ed Greenwood, Ernie Gygax, Allen Hammack, Kane Klenko, Bob Maher, Frank Mentzer, Cynthia Miller, Doug Niles, Chris Perkins, Merle M. Rasmussen, Jim Ward, and Tom Wham November 7–9 at GameHoleCon!

    But sign up now, because events are filling fast.

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