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Visit the Popcorn Press page at for free PDFs of Clashing Blades!, Monster Con, Wolf Man’s Curse, and Invasion of the Saucer People. You can also play those games using poker cards (including Flying Buffalo’s 5-king decks) with the rules below.

Wolf-Man’s Curse

Lester : March 13, 2010 12:40 am : Announcements, Free Games, Game Design

Wolf-Man’s Curse is a card game for 3 to 8 players using a standard poker deck. Each player takes the role of someone bitten by a werewolf, and who transforms into a bloodthirsty beast at each full moon. The goal of the game is to

  1. Avoid being killed by the angry mob of villagers (club cards),
  2. Avoid being hanged by Scotland Yard (spade cards),
  3. Avoid killing innocents (heart cards), and
  4. Get rich in the meantime (diamond cards).

The winner is the wealthiest surviving wolf-man at game’s end.

Preparing to Play

  • Separate the number cards from the face cards and jokers.
  • Shuffle the number cards together.
  • Shuffle the face cards and jokers together.
  • Create a score sheet by writing “clubs,” “spades,” “hearts,” and “diamonds” (in that order) across the top of a piece of paper and listing the players’ names down the left side.

Turn Sequence
Game play is divided into “months” (each a hand of 5 number cards) with 3 full-moon “nights” (each the play of 1 card).
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Invasion of the Saucer People! Game

Lester : February 15, 2009 4:53 pm : Free Games, Game Design

invasionA pulp-era poker-deck game of cooperation against alien attack, for 2-4 players.

In space, everything’s in black and white.

It’s the year 2000, and mankind has spread from Earth, with thriving colonies on Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The Terran Service Rockets (TSR) carry passengers and cargo among these planets. Those same ships are commissioned as the space arm of the Guardian Defenders of Worlds (GDW) in case of external threat. So far, the only dangers have been from rogue asteroids. Today, however, long-range sensors detect a fleet of alien ships approaching, capturing or destroying everything in their path. Can you and your fellow captains defend the inner planets from the Invasion of the Saucer People!

Equipment Needed: One poker deck

What the Suits Mean

  • Spades represent attacks on or defense of Earth.
  • Hearts represent attacks on or defense of Venus.
  • Clubs represent attacks on or defense of Mars.
  • Diamonds represent attacks on or defense of Mercury.

Preparing to Play
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Demon Bound! Game

Lester : February 14, 2009 6:00 pm : Free Games, Game Design


A poker-deck game of demon summoning for fun and profit.
For 2-4 players.

It’s anno domini 666, and you have just learned the secret of Solomon’s Seal, which binds demons to your service. This knowledge can make you unbelievably wealthy. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one possessing it. To achieve your dreams of ungodly riches, you’ll have to outpace or destroy your competitors.

Game Components

  • One deck of poker cards.
  • Five coins or other markers per player

Beginning the Game

  • Hand each player one marker. This represents a stain on that player’s soul for trafficking with demons.
  • Deal six cards to each player.
  • Set the remainder of the deck in the center of the table as a draw pile.
  • Turn up one card from the draw pile to begin a discard pile next to it.
  • Each player sacrifices a victim (plays a numbered heart card) or discards a random card. High sacrifice goes first. Continue clockwise from there.

Card Layout: Sacrifices and summoned demons are played in front of you on the table. Bound demons are moved to your right. Treasures are played to your left. Marks on your soul are kept in front, near your sacrifice space, where everyone can see.
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