URI Valet

Hey, Web coders! For performance testing it’s hard to beat URIValet.com. Not only does it show crunchy stuff like “Server Header Details,” it also lists your download times across the board of connections from 56k to 6 Mbps, displays interactive charts of your page elements, lists your internal and external more »

Writing and the Global Village

My employer, Sebranek Inc., has recently put a new emphasis on blogging. This week my “Writing and the Global Village” entry was posted at the Write Source side of that business. I invite you to give it a read and post any comments you might have.

There Are No Atheists?

Recently, while posting a colleague’s blog entry at work, I had to add a hyperlink to the Washington Post and stumbled across this little “gem” of an opinion: There Are No Atheists —Charles W. “Chuck” Colson On a cross-country flight some years ago, we hit severe turbulence. The gentleman in more »

Link Padding

I just learned a great little Web coding concept called “link padding.” The idea applies mainly to adjacent menu items. Instead of letting the mouseover area default to the bare text of a link, with a blank space between items, text padding uses CSS to space out the items, which more »