Why Loyalty?

If you’re reading this post on my blog, glance at the top of the sidebar and you’ll note I’ve been experimenting with Twitter. If you’re reading this post somewhere else, now you know, as well. ;-) One result of that experimentation has been exposure to the blogging of a few more »

“Automotive Oddballs,” An Amusing Article About Car Designs

The title pretty much says it all. Here’s the link to “Automotive Oddballs.” How many have you seen? (How many have you owned?)

A&E’s *The Andromeda Strain* (Emphasis on “Strain”)

In general, I’m trying to keep a positive tone to this blog, promoting things I’m enjoying—and there are a lot of them. Occasionally, however, I feel the need to discuss something that has offended my sensibilities (whether to warn you away from them, or perhaps simply as personal therapy), which more »

English Poets of the Eighteenth Century

An Aside: In Teaching the Universe of Discourse, James Moffett describes human discourse as a party at which you show up late, find ongoing conversations all around you, listen until you feel you have something to add, get caught up in a discussion, and eventually have to leave although the more »