An Old Guy Discovers Rock Band

Every year in January, for several years now, I’ve been traveling down to Kentucky to hang out with 50 or 60 old colleagues from TSR at KenCon—named after my buddy Ken Whitman. This year, I was introduced to two items of particular satisfaction. The first was the “Irish Car Bomb,” more »


Last night my spouse and I sat down to watch some TV before bed and stumbled across Crank in our “ShowTime On Demand” listings. Although one of my daughters had warned against the film, saying, “It’s worse than Transporter 2,” (and I pretty much hated Transporter 2), we gave it more »

Get Smart

Movies made from old TV series often leave me cold. (Remember the first Star Trek film? We waited 10 years for that turd?) All too often, the director or producers or writers are too young to appreciate the original—or worse, they feel the need to prove themselves better than the more »

Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe

*sigh* Yes, that’s one of the cheesiest titles I’ve ever heard for a movie. Yes, you’re right, I must have no pride at all to even think of watching such a film. But you know what? The film surprised me. Imagine if Joss Whedon decided to jam Buffy and Serenity more »