Get Smart

Movies made from old TV series often leave me cold. (Remember the first Star Trek film? We waited 10 years for that turd?) All too often, the director or producers or writers are too young to appreciate the original—or worse, they feel the need to prove themselves better than the more »

Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe

*sigh* Yes, that’s one of the cheesiest titles I’ve ever heard for a movie. Yes, you’re right, I must have no pride at all to even think of watching such a film. But you know what? The film surprised me. Imagine if Joss Whedon decided to jam Buffy and Serenity more »

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr. as a small-time thief mistaken for a fledgling actor. Val Kilmer as a tough, gay private eye. More plot twists than a bag of four-dimensional pretzels in a tornado. The quintessential noir murder mystery in full color. This one goes to eleven, squared. Buy Kiss Kiss, Bang more »

All Quiet on the Western Front

I’d be the first to agree that history reveals in the human race a relatively constant progression from savagery to civilization. It’s just so goddamned slow! The problem, I think, is that far too many people try to maintain their equanimity by turning a blind eye toward atrocity, rather than more »