Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe

*sigh* Yes, that’s one of the cheesiest titles I’ve ever heard for a movie. Yes, you’re right, I must have no pride at all to even think of watching such a film. But you know what? The film surprised me. Imagine if Joss Whedon decided to jam Buffy and Serenity more »

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr. as a small-time thief mistaken for a fledgling actor. Val Kilmer as a tough, gay private eye. More plot twists than a bag of four-dimensional pretzels in a tornado. The quintessential noir murder mystery in full color. This one goes to eleven, squared. Buy Kiss Kiss, Bang more »

All Quiet on the Western Front

I’d be the first to agree that history reveals in the human race a relatively constant progression from savagery to civilization. It’s just so goddamned slow! The problem, I think, is that far too many people try to maintain their equanimity by turning a blind eye toward atrocity, rather than more »

16 Blocks

An action flick that’s also a feel-good film. Although it’s hard to go wrong with Bruce Willis (Armegeddon notwithstanding), I went into this one expecting little more than a solid shoot-em-up and came away with something more. A very satisfying film, overall. Definitely recommended. Buy 16 Blocks at Amazon