All Quiet on the Western Front

I’d be the first to agree that history reveals in the human race a relatively constant progression from savagery to civilization. It’s just so goddamned slow! The problem, I think, is that far too many people try to maintain their equanimity by turning a blind eye toward atrocity, rather than more »

16 Blocks

An action flick that’s also a feel-good film. Although it’s hard to go wrong with Bruce Willis (Armegeddon notwithstanding), I went into this one expecting little more than a solid shoot-em-up and came away with something more. A very satisfying film, overall. Definitely recommended. Buy 16 Blocks at Amazon

Stay Alive

A surprisingly good film! Thoroughly satisfying. While perhaps not quite as spooky as The Ring, this film was “cooler” in some ways, especially if you’re fond of “shooter” computer games with a horror theme. Good story. Great acting. Flawless dialogue. Great visuals. Excellent soundtrack. (I’ll be looking for a copy more »

Dragon Dice

The crowning moment of my time at TSR was undoubtedly the chance to design the Dragon Dice game. It won the 1995 Origins Award for Best Fantasy or Science-Fiction Board Game. It spawned a computer game by Interplay. It carried me across the Atlantic to conventions in England and Germany more »