My Vision of Hell – Level 4

Chapter XLVIII (from The Pastime Machine, a novel in sonnets) “And now the air took on a barnyard odor; our raft passed through a realm peopled by scarabs with human faces—whites, blacks, Asians, Arabs— each one rolling his own ball of ordure. “Tiresias told me, ‘These are souls of bankers, more »

State of the Smithy

A year ago, I had an audacious plan: Finish translating Aquelarre, write a sonnet weekly for The Pastime Machine, release a monthly 6-page D6xD6 RPG expansion, publish another poet or author monthly, launch a D13 RPG Kickstarter this fall, manage an annual Halloween anthology, attend a half-dozen conventions, and possibly more »

Halloween 2106: Lupine Lunes

It’s that time of the year again—Halloween season! And for the eighth year in a row, Popcorn Press is holding an open call for horror poetry and short fiction. This year we’re featuring werewolves and lune format—but we welcome nearly any horror subject and form. If you’re new to our “Popcorn more »

Pharmacology Roulette

My friend Jamie Chambers and his family have been going through a rough time, specifically with his teenaged daughter Liz’s cancer battle. So when Jamie asked me to join in the #fun4liz project, I immediately said “Yes!” It took awhile to keep that promise, but recently I gave him the more »