Moving On

Okay, folks, I’ve a confession. Dark Conspiracy is like an old girlfriend who ran off with another guy. Bughunters languishes in someone else’s basement pit. Dragon Dice and I remain on speaking terms, but we’re separated. I gave them each all my heart, but they’ve moved on. I’m older now, more »

What’s a Vegan To Do?

If you hate veganism, or think all vegans are pretentious and condescending, you should probably skip this post. You should also skip Gandhi: An Autobiography—The Story of My Experiments With Truth. Sorry. You’re right. That comment was pretentious and condescending. Mea maxima culpa. ;-) The thing is, not all vegans more »

Black Books Insight

Laughing through the first episodes of Black Books second season last night, I suddenly realized that Bernard is Moe, Manny is Larry, and Fran is Shemp.