Why a Novel in Sonnets (and how you can help)

I have a bucket list. It isn’t like most: I’ve already gone many places, seen wondrous things, met amazing people, found my true love, raised a family with her, owned a motorcycle, rode it through the Rockies, held multiple occupations (factories, nursing, military, game design, education), presidented the WI Fellowship more »

Adventures in Brain Meds

About a decade ago, I went through a year of testing to figure out why I was perpetually dizzy and fuzzy-headed. I hear what you’re thinking. But no, it’s not Meniere’s disease. No vertigo and nausea, just unbalanced and sort of “cloudy” all the time. Turns out there were two more »

If you can’t say something nice . . .

Google search for “Facebook happy fake,” and you’ll find scads of articles, images, and ecards claiming that people posting happy things are liars. Might I suggest instead a search for “fox and grapes”? The point is, as we experiment with this Internet thing and social media, as we evolve into more »