About Must and About Must Go

I’ve had a rough few weeks. First were the burning hives that kept me awake night after night. Then came the steroid sickness from treating those hives. “Maddening” doesn’t quite capture the experience. Hell, I’ve had a rough couple of years: giving up my old job; moving my household to more »

Goofus and Gallant Take a Bullet

During the drive-by shooting, Gallant was saved by his pocket New Testament. It stopped the bullet that would have pierced his heart. Goofus also had a pocket New Testament, but he caught a bullet in the eye. Be like Gallant.

Why I Will Never Be Buddhist

A significant difference of perception exists between West and East. In the West, understanding is based on essential definition. We find it in Plato’s cave: the idea that everything we see is a distorted shadow of some Platonic archetype. The essence of reality is ideal forms—an essential “cat,” or “dog,” more »

Fashionably Late

I’ve been role-playing for ages now—pretty much from “the beginning“—and gamemastering for nearly as long, besides reviewing, designing, and publishing RPGs. I’ve played thousands of sessions, hundreds of different game titles, with hundreds of different people—and still discover some delightful new nuance of role-playing from time to time. The most more »