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    Why buy flowers that fade?
    A sonnet lasts forever!
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    Lester Smith is a 2-term past president of the WFOP, a 4-time Origins-winning game designer, and a former JavaScript teacher for the HWG. He works days as a Writer/Technologist for the educational publishing house Sebranek Inc, nights and weekends as president of Popcorn Press.

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    Final Failure: Eyeball to Eyeball
    Cthulhu Haiku II and More Mythos Madness - cover

    Grim Series: poems
    edge of the pond
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    Monster Con card game
    Invasion of the Saucer People card game
    Wolf Man's Curse card game
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    Dark Conspiracy roleplaying game
    now by 3Hombres
    Dragon Dice game
    now by SFR Inc.
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    George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronIn 1985, a British Romantic Period Literature class changed my life. The poetry of Byron, Shelley, and Keats wakened in me a passion for writing. I determined to somehow make a career of it—and somehow feed my children.

    Since then I’ve worked exclusively in publishing, first for game companies, now in education. I also continue to write, study, and promote poetry. It’s my opinion that poetry used to belong to the people, until academics stole it. It’s high time to steal it back from them.

    The Pastime Machine: Coming Soon

    Lester : January 15, 2014 12:10 pm : Announcements, Poetry, Popcorn Press

    The Pastime MachineWith 2013 pretty firmly in the rearview mirror (except for some final Cthulhu Haiku II business to attend to), I’m peering forward into 2014.

    So far, three conventions are booked: QuinCon, Gen Con, and Con on the Cob. I’m sure to do Gaming Hoopla spring and fall, once their 2014 details are up. And I’m currently making plans for Gary Con.

    You may also be aware of the d6•d6 CORE RPG rules I’ve been building online, with a wide variety of genre setting chapters as add-ons—including several by other industry folk (and more to be revealed soon). A few new card games are waiting attention, too.

    Oh, and a sixth anthology of “Popcorn Horror” fiction and poetry in time for Halloween, of course.

    But the main reason for this post is to announce plans for the title pictured above: The Pastime Machine: a Byronic Mashup of The Time Machine and The Divine Comedy, aka 1001 101 Raving Sonnets! (Click the image for a closer view.)
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    And More Madness…

    Lester : December 17, 2013 3:06 pm : Announcements, Poetry, Popcorn Press

    Cthulhu Haiku II coverCthulhu Haiku II, and More Mythos Madness, has joined the Popcorn Horror ebook lineup—for just 99 cents. A print version will be available soon.

    See my previous post for a list of other 99-cent ebooks. And they’re all part of the Amazon Matchbook program, meaning that if you buy (or bought) the print version from Amazon, the ebook version is free.

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    Popcorn Horror – 99 Cents!

    Lester : December 17, 2013 9:14 am : Announcements, Poetry, Popcorn Press

    Popcorn Press logoIf you visit PopcornPress.com, you’ll note that the company is a part-time, family-owned publishing house. Which is to say, we’re not in business for the money, but rather to help worthy projects get published.

    With that in mind, we’ve reduced the price of all our Kindle titles to just 99 cents each. Not just our horror titles; that headline was to get your attention.

    The thing is, we sincerely believe you’ll utterly love not just our horror titles, but also books like edge of the pond, a marvelous collection of haiku by Darrell Lindey, Grim Series, a dark but beautiful book by Kristine Ong Muslim, and Douglas Niles’ Cuban Missile Crisis alternate history, Final Failure: Eyeball to Eyeball.

    Of course, the horror titles—Vampyr Verse, The Hungry Dead, Halloween Haiku, and Cthulhu Haiku—are also great, and we recommend Lilith Unbound, as well. All just 99 cents. To quickly reach the Kindle versions, just visit any of our links above and scroll to the bottom of the page.
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