This list is a work in progress; I’m still recovering titles and details, especially for the game magazine articles. If you notice an error or omission, by all means let me know. Thanks.

Educational Books

(Most of my work in these titles has involved chapters on poetry, research papers, Web technology, and multimedia.)

  • Write Source textbook line—contributing writer for levels 3-12
  • ALL Write handbook—contributing writer
  • Writers Express handbook—contributing writer
  • Write Ahead handbook—contributing writer
  • Writers INC handbook—contributing writer
  • School to Work handbook—contributing writer
  • Write for College handbook—contributing writer
  • Write Source 2000 handbook—contributing writer

Poetry Books

  • Zen Rampage—84-page collection, fall 2006
  • Would You Dance?—36-page collection, fall 2005

Individual Poems

  • “Sudden Death”—in Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes
  • “Git Along, You Zombies”—in Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes
  • “Sparrow”—in Anthills #5
  • “Nocturne”—in Lilith Unbound, summer 2008
  • “beside the clock tower”—in Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar 2009
  • “Brain Food”—in Free Verse #92, 2007
  • “Apéritif”—in Free Verse #92, 2007
  • “Would You Dance?”—in Free Verse #92, 2007
  • “The Fall of Ice-Reach Castle”—in Dragons of the Highlord Skies, July 2007
  • “Laundry Day”—in WFOP Museletter, fall 2007
  • “Local Legend”—in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms, spring 2007
  • “Anything of any value”—in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms, spring 2007
  • “Our Lady Captain’s Tale”—in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms, spring 2007
  • “X O X O X”—in Wisconsin Academy Review, spring 2006

Poetry Awards

  • 2007 WFOP Triad Contest—Poet’s Choice: 1st honorable mention for “Tea Service”
  • 2004 WFOP Triad Contest—Theme, Sonnet: 1st place for “The Smith’s Sonnet”
  • 2004 WFOP Triad Contest— Kay Saunders Memorial New Poet Award: 3rd place for “Breaking Horses”

Game Publications

Roleplaying Games:

  • Serenity RPG (2005)—Margaret Weis Productions (Additional Design)
  • Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons (d20 System (generic)) (2004)—Fast Forward Entertainment (Development and Editing Contributor)
  • Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons (d20 System (generic)) (2004)—Fast Forward Entertainment (Writing and Design Contributor)
  • Encyclopedia Vanguard: Modern d20 (d20 Modern) (2004)—Fast Forward Entertainment (Editing)
  • Annotated Player’s Handbook (d20 System (generic)) (2003)—Fast Forward Entertainment (Annotations Contributor)
  • Dungeon World (2002)—Fast Forward Entertainment (Design Contribution)
  • Sanctuary (Sovereign Stone) (2002)—Sovereign Press (Design Assistance)
    Way of the Dead, The (Deadlands: The Weird West) (2002)—Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Original Material)
  • Marshal’s Handbook, Revised Ed. (Deadlands: The Weird West) (2001)—Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Additional Development)
  • Sovereign Stone Campaign Sourcebook (2001)—Sovereign Press (Design Assistance)
  • Tales from the Ether / More Tales from the Ether (Space 1889 Sci-Fi Roleplaying) (2000)—Game Designers’ Workshop (Design, with Loren K. Wiseman and Frank Chadwick)
  • Sovereign Stone Game System (1999)—Sovereign Press (Design, with Don Perrin)
  • Skinners (Deadlands: The Weird West) (1999)—Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Author)
  • Dark Conspiracy Player’s Handbook, 2nd Ed. (1998)—Dynasty Presentations, Inc. (Design)
  • Dark Conspiracy Referee’s Guide, 2nd Ed. (1998)—Dynasty Presentations, Inc. (Design)
  • Book o’ the Dead (Deadlands: The Weird West) (1997)—Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Writing and Design)
  • The Book of Hunts, “Life Abundant” (Whispering Vault) (1997)—Ronin Publishing (Design)
  • Tapani Sector Instant Adventures, “Mecetti File” (Star Wars (d6)) (1997)—West End Games (Design)
  • Zero (1997)—-Archangel Entertainment (Concept and Design)
  • Mind Lords of the Last Sea (Dark Sun) (1996)—TSR, Inc. (Editing)
  • Planes of Chaos (Planescape) (1994)—TSR, Inc. (Design, with Colin McComb)
  • Red Steel (1994)—TSR, Inc. (Editing)
  • Bughunters (Amazing Engine) (1993)—TSR, Inc. (Design)
  • Twilight: 2000, ver. 2.2 (1993)—Game Designers Workshop (Design Contribution)
  • Mythus (Dangerous Journeys) (1992)—Game Designers Workshop (Editing)
  • Mythus Magick (Dangerous Journeys) (1992)—Game Designers Workshop (Editing)
  • Necropolis (Dangerous Journeys) (1992)—Game Designers Workshop (Editing)
  • Citybook IV—On the Road, “Tower of” (Catalyst) (1990)—Flying Buffalo (Author)
  • MechWarrior 2nd ed. (19??)—Game Designers Workshop (Design)
  • Harlequin, Jivaro adventure (Shadowrun) (1990)—FASA Corporation (Author)
  • Beastmen of Mars (Space: 1889) (1989)—Game Designers Workshop (Design)
  • Space: 1889 (1988)—Game Designers Workshop (Additional Design and Development)
  • Dark Conspiracy (1989)—Game Designers Workshop (Design)
  • 2300AD (1988)—Game Designers Workshop (Design Team and Editing)

Other Games:

  • Clashing Blades card game (2014)—Popcorn Press (Design)
  • Monster Con card game (2014)—Popcorn Press (Design)
  • Return of Monster Con card game (2014)—Popcorn Press (Design)
  • Son of Monster Con card game (2014)—Popcorn Press (Design)
  • Monster Con Cthulhu Pack card game (2014)—Popcorn Press (Design)
  • Wolf Man’s Curse card game (2013)—Popcorn Press (Design)
  • Invasion of the Saucer People card game and booster (2013)—Popcorn Press (Design)
  • Daemon Dice (2013)—SFR, Inc. (Design)
  • Demon Dice (2003)—Fast Forward Entertainment (Design)
  • Chaos Progenitus
  • Dragon Dice
  • Warlord’s Tactical Manual Reference Guide (Blood Wars) (1996)—TSR, Inc. (Original Game Development)
  • Minion Hunter
  • Temple of the Beastmen
  • Mind Duel

Game Magazine Credits:

  • Challenge #63 (Aug 1992)—Consulting Editor
  • Challenge #59 (Apr 1992)—Consulting Editor
  • Challenge #54 (Nov 1991)—Associate Editor

Game Magazine Article Credits:

  • “Heroic Horror Campaigns” in Dragon #264 (Oct 1999)—Author
  • “Measure of a Monster, The” in Dragon #254 (Dec 1998)—Author
  • “Game Wizards: Bughunters” in Dragon #194 (Jun 1993)—Author
  • Apocalypse Cow” in Challenge #59 (Apr 1992)—Author
  • Attack of the Ice-Age Cyborg Kamikaze Holsteins” in Challenge #52 (Aug 1991)—Author
  • “Your Own Worst Enemy” in Challenge #54 (Nov 1991)—Author
  • “Vampire Hunting in Dark Conspiracy” in White Wolf Magazine #29 (Oct/Nov 1991)—Author
  • “Things That Go Bump in the Night” in Challenge #52 (Aug 1991)—Author
  • “Urban Beasts for NightLife” in Challenge #52 (Aug 1991)—Author

Game Awards

  • 2008 Origins Award, Non-Fiction Publication of the Year: Hobby Games: The 100 Best—Green Ronin (Contributing Author)
  • 2003 Origins Award, Best Fantasy or Science-Fiction Board Game: Dragon Dice—TSR, Inc. (Designer)
  • 1991 Origins Award, Best Game Aid Or Accessory: Gamemastering Secrets—Grey Ghost Press (Contributing Author)
  • 1990 Origins Award, Best Roleplaying Adventure: Harlequin (for Shadowrun)—FASA (Contributing Author)

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