Dragon Dice

DragonDiceThe crowning moment of my time at TSR was undoubtedly the chance to design the Dragon Dice game. It won the 1995 Origins Award for Best Fantasy or Science-Fiction Board Game. It spawned a computer game by Interplay. It carried me across the Atlantic to conventions in England and Germany (the first time this ex-sheet-metal-worker ever left the USA). And it gave me a moment of awe when, visiting New York with my young daughter, we discovered a floor-to-ceiling display at FAO Schwarz.

Of course, there was also the joy of tackling a supposedly impossible job (“A collectible dice game is a ridiculous idea!”) and of working with Jennell Jaquays, whose masterful and imaginative icons made the dice come alive. Like Dark Conspiracy (see below), this game outlived its first publisher. In October 2000, SFR Inc. purchased the rights to Dragon Dice, and they have continued to release expansions ever since.

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