Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe

Vampire Wars cover*sigh*

Yes, that’s one of the cheesiest titles I’ve ever heard for a movie. Yes, you’re right, I must have no pride at all to even think of watching such a film.

But you know what? The film surprised me. Imagine if Joss Whedon decided to jam Buffy and Serenity together into one movie—and wrote the script on one of his off days. The result could very well have been this film. It certainly has the sort of cast Mr. Whedon might have put together, and the dialog is well written. Even the special effects are respectable—while you can see where they had to cut some corners on location shots, they did a great job with what was available, and the computer animation is considerably better than average.

Now, given that concept, what would you have titled it?

Exactly. There are simply no good options for titling a movie about vampire hunters in outer space.

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