Making a Splash

Most people using the Web for social networking can pick one or two hangouts—MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LiveJournal, some Harry Potter fanfic site, or whatever—and devote their energies there, communing with like minds. And that’s cool.

People who publish, however, have to splash as wide an audience as possible—which means having a presence on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LiveJournal, and maybe even some Harry Potter fanfic site, if that’s your audience.

As a writer, poet, and sometime game designer, naturally I’m interested in maintaining a presence in all those places (except the Harry Potter fanfic site, which I’ll leave to my daughters). The question is, how can you have time to publish if you’re busy visiting all those sites.

Fortunately, if you’re a WordPress blogger, there’s a healthy community of developers coming up with cross-site widgets all the time. If you’ve been following my posts the past few weeks, you know that this blog cross-posts an announcement to Facebook and Twitter. (In fact, the Twitter Tools plugin actually allows WordPress bloggers to Tweet from their sidebar.) No need to log in to both those places to maintain a presence.

This particular post should be adding MySpace to the mix.

Now let’s just hope I’m capable of making a true splash, and not merely a belly flop. ;-þ

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