Happy Holidays!

At the Smith household, we unwrap presents on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition started by our parents and carried over into our own household. So we stay up late, letting the kids play until they’re worn out, and then send them to bed to dream of the gifts they’ve already opened, instead of spending a sleepless night wondering what’s inside those boxes and waking their parents far too early on Christmas morning.

Undoubtedly, for many of you reading this post, that tradition will seem like some sort of sacrilege. All I can say in response is, I respect your practice of opening gifts on Christmas morning, and remember it’s my wife’s parents and mine that you’re judging. Who are she and I to question the practices handed down to us?

In any event, that tradition explains why I’m only just now, at 1 a.m. CST, signing off for the night, to dream of the Rock Band 2 drum set and copy of Dead Space I received, and of the pleasure on the rest of the family’s faces when they opened their own gifts. And why tomorrow morning, when you’re having your own celebration, I’ll be sleeping in. 🙂


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