Average Guy Reflects on Weirdnesses

timexOne of my Twitter connections posted a link today to this story: “Rolex says it helped Owen Wilson recover from suicide: their PR people should be ritually killed.” It’s an interesting read.

I wish Mr. Wilson the best, having enjoyed quite a few of his flicks—particularly The Royal Tenenbaums. But I do have to wonder at the suicidal tendencies of many ultra-successful people. Is it just that you keep setting the bar so high you can never be satisfied? This is, of course, one problem with Western civilization in general, a fixation on the future that threatens our enjoyment of the present and our satisfaction with past accomplishments. (I admire Dave Chapelle for stepping aside before success broke him.)

Okay, that’s one weirdness. Here’s another, unrelated except in that in involves a signature timepiece. You may recall Timex‘s old TV commercials with John Cameron Swayze narrating some true-life story in which a Timex watch “takes a licking, and keeps on ticking.” Well I once worked with this fellow who wore a Timex his wife had given him, a Timex which had once belonged to her previous fiance, who had drowned. They had found the fiance after about three days in the water, and his Timex was still ticking.

I’d love to see that as a TV commercial!

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