Speaking Out About Dead Silence

deadsilenceJust to be clear, of the four movies by this title, I’m talking about the 2007 film, about a murdered lady ventriloquist taking her revenge on the town that killed her.

Not being a big fan of slasher flicks, I’m happy not to have known ahead of time that this film was created by the same team that created the Saw trilogy. Some people might actually find that an added attraction, of course, but I might have avoided Dead Silence in lieu of something else on the agenda.

And I would have missed out on a great film. There’s pretty much everything to like about this one. The story is tight, with surprise turns right up to the end. The concept is creepy, as are the events. (I got chills several times.) The acting is transparent, by which I mean that the characters are so well played that you get caught up in the story, forgetting it’s just a movie. And the cinematography is some of the best I can recall. There’s a starkness to the colors that leaves the impression of black and white, with just a touch of jaundiced green, against which dark red elements stand out, and the angles are carefully chosen to heighten the dreamlike effect.

It’s obvious the creators of this film poured their love into it. I’m impressed! Guess it’s time to reconsider watching Saw.

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