The Darwin Awards, Film

Here’s a quirky indie flick in which a criminal profiler loses his job on the San Francisco police department because he faints at the sight of blood. Forced to find other work, he becomes an insurance adjuster specializing in “Darwin Award”-type claims. But through it all, he obsessively continues to work the criminal case that got him canned, determined to put away a serial killer. And through it all, a grad student follows him day and night with a camera, to create a documentary thesis.

There’s lots to like about this film—a solid storyline, a host of cameo appearances by familiar stars, dialog that ranges from serious to humorous and back. I don’t want to give any surprises away, so I’ll play it cagey and just say I thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish.

Negatives amount to only a couple of quibbles: a cold night spent outside a car instead of huddling inside for warmth and a scene involving luggage bungee cords but no protective eye wear (not in keeping with the character).

This one definitely deserves to survive and spawn more like it.

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