A Picture’s Worth 1000 Years

gdw-bio-photo…Or so it seems, sometimes. Here’s one I just found from circa 1988, when I was working my first publishing job as a writer and line editor for GDW, one of the happiest times of my life—were it not for the abject poverty of trying to feed, clothe, and shelter a family of six and pay student loans on a game-designer’s salary. Note all the black in the hair and beard, compared to my current Santa styling. Seems like a thousand years ago. (There. I’ve accounted for the title.)

Come to think of it, right now is one of the happiest times of my life. I’m employed at a thoroughly engaging job with a group of great people. My free time is filled with WFOP, Web work, poetry writing and critique, game design, and philosophy with beer.

Then again, I still wake up from time to time from a dream about working in a welding booth at GE back in my home town, as a newly married young man. I really enjoyed welding. There’s something soothing about watching steel flow together in a smooth line under the heat of a TIG arc.

Maybe I’m just inherently a happy guy…

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