A Conjoining of Shadows

braceyourselfYou may have noticed that the slogan for this site is “a convergence of poetry, game design, and web tech.” You may also have noticed that I have a thing for sci-fi and horror. Recently, fellow Alliterate and friend Monte Cook pointed me toward Apex magazine, part of Apex Book Company, whose slogan is “Where sci-fi and horror collide.” Having received a ton of positive feedback after publishing a couple of poems, they were looking for a poetry editor, and I’m happy to report that I got the gig. It seems a happy convergence/collision/conjoining of dark tastes.

The poem responsible for most of that feedback is J.C. Hay’s “After, Thoughts—A Pantoum.” It certainly triggers all the dark poetry instincts in my own soul. Give it a read, let me know what you think, and start preparing your best dark SF poetry. Apex Magazine will begin accepting submissions on a regular basis starting January 1st.

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