Announcing: the New Hobby Hearse!

Hobby HearseSome years ago, I got my feet wet in PHP coding by turning the phpwebcommerce “tutorial” into an online garage sale I called “Hobby Hearse.” Since then, I’ve worked with several other ecommerce apps, coming to love CubeCart, which now drives both Popcorn Press and the WFOP Web store.

This holiday weekend, I ported the old Hobby Hearse site over into CubeCart. While the Web address remains the same, the new site is better looking—a natural result of building on a CubeCart skin. More importantly, navigation is smoother, the payment process is easier (your choice of credit card, Paypal account, or mail-in invoice), and the admin interface is so much improved I’ll be able to add product more often.

In celebration of the new launch, 10% of all proceeds from now until Jan. 31 (my birthday), will go to Habitat for Humanity.

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