Anthills VI, Sneak Peak #1

From Centennial Press: “Anthills VI drops on April 1, 2011…an issue featuring exceptional writing from some of the most important voices in poetry today—a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, laureates both current and past, a bona fide Australian, a former mayoral candidate, a Jedi Knight, a grade school custodian, a Zen Buddhist, a zombiephile, an erstwhile Girl Scout, a barkeep, and the author of one of the most popular role-playing games ever to exist…Shadowrun. There’ll be no rolling the dice with this issue. It is seminal. It is apogee. It is nonpareil. It is…well, at the very least, it promises to be a doozie. Our best issue yet.”

Sneak Peak #1: “Industrial gray carpet falls away like Hoover Dam’s concrete sweep or the hollow earth’s Antarctic entrance where Nazis fled with Hitler’s brain and Incas hid their treasure from Conquistadors in tunnels left by Atlanteans honeycombing South America.”

Note from Les: I’m happy to say my sonnet “A River Does Not Choose” will be included, along with two poems by my friend Shelly L. Hall, who died last year. The issue is dedicated in memory of her.

Photo by Håkan Dahlström

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