Kickstarter: “I’d buy THAT for a dollar.”

Having launched a new Kickstarter project last week, and having spent most of the holiday weekend working on details, I’ve come to recognize the $1 pledge level as more than just token support. There’s real value in those pledges!

Firstly, now that Kickstarter has a social aspect—in terms of telling you what your friends have backed—every $1 pledge is another link advertising your project. And exposure is key to success.

Secondly, every pledge process ends with an easy invitation to Tweet, make a Facebook post, and even embed a link elsewhere. Encouraging $1 backers to use those links furthers project exposure.

So I welcome every $1 pledge that arrives. In fact, I’ve just had an idea to reward them (and my other pledgers) beyond the current “Listed in the online credits” default. Visit the Invasion of the Saucer People project for details.


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