Dying in Wolf Man’s Curse

WC-FullMoon Icon-F-BKM-CMYK_loProfessional production of my Wolf Man’s Curse card game is proceeding well. Brad McDevitt has begun turning over illustrations, and Popcorn Press‘s graphic designer is fine-tuning the print process.

If you’re not familiar with it, Wolf Man’s Curse is “A tragic lycanthropy game for 3-8 players.”

Per the rules intro: Victorian England is a great place to live—if you’re wealthy, and if you’re not a werewolf. Unfortunately your own family estate has been tapped out, and you’ve been bitten by a wolf with a gypsy curse. Can you restore your family fortune without slaughtering the local peasantry? Or will you be killed by a vengeful mob or hanged by Scotland Yard? There’s one additional way of dying: being shot with a silver bullet by your fiancée.

WC-Torchand Pitchfork-F-BKM-lo       WC-BobbyHelmet_and_Nightstick_Icon-F-BKM-lo SilverBullet

If you survive, and don’t slaughter too many innocents, the richest werewolf wins.

WC-Blood-SK-BKM-V2 WC-British Pound-F-BKM-lo

Images by Bradley K. McDevitt

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