Monster Con Final Countdown

phoenixPopcorn Press is in its final countdown for the Monster Con card game Kickstarter. Also available in that Kickstarter are Invasion of the Saucer People, Wolf Man’s Curse, and Return of Monster Con decks—as well as PDFs of every Popcorn Press card game throughout 2013.

All the designs are by me (Lester Smith); art is by Len Peralta (Monster Con, etc.) and Bradley K. McDevitt (Invasion of the Saucer People and Wolf Man’s Curse).

While these games are more tongue-in-cheek (with the exception, perhaps, of Wolf Man’s Curse) than some of my earlier sci-fi horror work (such as the Dark Conspiracy role-playing game), together they serve as a new foray into game design and publishing, to culminate in more horror RPG work. So please give Monster Con some love. You might consider it feeding fuel to a phoenix.


Photo by Moyan_Brenn

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