Signed Commander Cristian

Signed_Commander_CristianOver the weekend, Jenny and I drove to Nebraska to meet with grandson Cristian for a card-signing session. (I say “Jenny and I,” though truth be told, angel that she is, she drove the entire nine hours each way and told me to catch up on sleep.) What you see here is one of the cards (snapped with my iPod Touch), ready to be shipped to Invasion of the Saucer People backers.

Of course, while we were there, Cristian insisted on playing the game a few times again. And from that play, on the ride back I came up with the final bonus cards to expand the nine-card Kickstarter into a full 18 cards (which works better with the printer). Time to get Brad McDevitt working on four new characters. And we’ll add four rockets (one for each inner planet), plus the cover/new-rules card (including a way to reclaim worlds that Saucer People have taken).

So, a long drive, but a worthwhile one.

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