Succubus: Struggle for the City

Succubus Cards

When I saw the gorgeous Succubus: The Reborn cards on, I just had to be involved somehow. So I volunteered to design a 2–8 player tabletop game using the cards from that deck.

To my delight, Mark Rein-Hagen and company (Make Believe Games) took me up on the offer! So I’m busy designing Succubus: Struggle for the City. You can learn more about it on the Succubus Kickstarter page.

And while you’re there, please pledge something toward making the project a success! (Even a buck helps more than you might think.) And definitely spread the word far and wide. Only fifteen days remain, and I really want to see these cards printed, to hold them in my hands, and to play Succubus: The Reborn and Succubus: Struggle for the City at upcoming conventions with you!


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