No Brag, Just Fact

Walter Brennan Guns of Will Sonnett 1968I’m happy to say that this year, so far, my family’s modest part-time publishing company, Popcorn Press, has donated $566 to Feeding America, and $100 to the One Fund for Boston’s bombing victims. We’ve also donated 26 card games so far to several different children’s organizations and to halfway houses.

The Feeding America donations are an ongoing result of Patrick T. Randolph’s Empty Shoes poetry anthology—all profits of which are dedicated to alleviating hunger and homelessness. The One Fund donation was something extra, taken from Popcorn Press’s frankly meager profits. And we’ll continue to give games to charity whenever possible.

Here’s the thing: There’s no way my family could have made those donations out of our own income. Nor could Popcorn Press have done so without the support of people who have backed our Kickstarter projects and purchased our products.

So thank you sincerely. Jen, Kate, and I are happy to spend our free time publishing worthy projects mainly for the joy of it. As the Popcorn Press home page says, “If we can match a good book to the right reader, or provide a few hours of fun with an unusual game, then our efforts have been worthwhile.”

But we thought you might also like to know how your purchases allow us to give beyond merely promoting an author or entertaining a reader.

I’ve been wrestling for a few weeks over whether to make this post—whether to advertise this charity work. But, as Walter Brennan says in the clip below, “No brag, just fact.” So thanks again.

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  • May 25, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Thank you for the post! It was kind of you to let others know of our humble desire to help. It’s wonderful to be able to help with the power of words. We really appreciate you!
    Patrick, Gamze, Aylene and Gable

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