Monster Con Series Print-and-Play Is Go!

As of today (June 15), all four decks in the Monster Con card game series are available at in Print-and-Play format. You can find them via the following links.

Print-and-Play Samples

Above is a snapshot of page 3 printed out from Return of Monster Con, on pre-perforated Avery Name Badge Insert card stock. (A box of 400 costs under $16 and will print seven decks. You can use unperforated card stock and scissors, of course, but I like the convenience of just popping out neat-edged cards.) Below that printout are four cards from Monster Con: Cthulhu Pack that I’ve slid into Ultra*Pro Deck Protector Sleeves, to make shuffling and dealing even easier. (You can get those sleeves in red, black, blue, orange, purple, and other colors.) Name-badge stock and Ultra Pro sleeves are what I use for playtesting and demoing all my new designs.

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