Gender-Ally Speaking…


Joss Whedon has taken some flak over the years as a self-confessed proponent of female empowerment, who nonetheless sometimes portrays women scandalously.

I’m no Joss Whedon. But I am a father of four strong-willed daughters whom I’ve actually encouraged to punch bully’s noses, if it came to that.

I’m also a heterosexual male, who recognizes the unique attractiveness of the female form—with all its grace, endurance, and mix of sensuality and motherliness combined. I married an Amazon of a gal who has faced me down toe-to-toe at times, deflected or ignored me at others, and who always pulls her oar in our relationship.

Card Back Blue 1 blogRecently, I launched a Kickstarter project—the Clashing Blades card game—and the art immediately drew a few criticisms for “sexiness” and “anorexia.”

Here’s the thing: I chose an anime style for broad appeal. I chose this particular artist after seeing the kick-ass illo above. He turned over the illo to the right. I look at it and see a gal in a sports bra and cargo pants facing down a guy in a tank top and cargo pants. I see a little sexiness in both figures. But I don’t see sexism.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Should her midriff be covered? Is her outfit more revealing than at the gym.

There’s a text box on this survey page, if you’d like to comment anonymously. Or use the comments space below, if you prefer. I’d really like to hear your opinion. And please pass the link.


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