Seeking RPG Playtesters

Cover: Lester Smith's d6*d6 Role-Playing CORE RulesHey, are you interested in joining me in a weekly online role-playing game playtest?

For a few months now, in my spare time (hah!), I’ve been adapting an old set of RPG rules to a new, genre-spanning set. I first tried out the results at QuinCon 2013, to good effect, then again for a few friends at GenCon.

It’s time to take the thing out for some further road testing. So I’d like to set up a weekly session using If players are willing, we might use Google Hangouts as well, to stream or record sessions and share them on YouTube.

At the moment, I’m thinking 3-9 players, Sunday afternoons for about 3-4 hours.

Adventure settings will include such things as

  • “Alien Anthill”—the subject of the cover graphic
  • “Ghost of a Chance”— in which PCs are spirits of the dead
  • “Chambers & Chimaeras”—a tongue-in-cheek world of 80s Saturday morning fantasy cartoons
  • “Cowboys of Mars”—a John Carter tribute
  • and much, much more.

So whaddaya say? Are you game? If so, drop me a line via and we’ll get this thing up and running.



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