Popcorn Horror – 99 Cents!

Popcorn Press logoIf you visit PopcornPress.com, you’ll note that the company is a part-time, family-owned publishing house. Which is to say, we’re not in business for the money, but rather to help worthy projects get published.

With that in mind, we’ve reduced the price of all our Kindle titles to just 99 cents each. Not just our horror titles; that headline was to get your attention.

The thing is, we sincerely believe you’ll utterly love not just our horror titles, but also books like edge of the pond, a marvelous collection of haiku by Darrell Lindey, Grim Series, a dark but beautiful book by Kristine Ong Muslim, and Douglas Niles’ Cuban Missile Crisis alternate history, Final Failure: Eyeball to Eyeball.

Of course, the horror titles—Vampyr Verse, The Hungry Dead, Halloween Haiku, and Cthulhu Haiku—are also great, and we recommend Lilith Unbound, as well. All just 99 cents. To quickly reach the Kindle versions, just visit any of our links above and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You can even download a preview, of course. So please take a look, spend a few bucks on some great poetry and fiction, and—if you would be so kind—leave us a review.



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